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Liquid manufacturing projects are always one of the challenges of sterile technology. This is especially so for aseptic processing and freeze drying projects, where only highly integrated engineering efforts for process and utilities will lead to the desired results. Guaranteed sterility and process stability are priority requirements for a production environment.

The following are examples of some of our planned and completed projects in this area:

  • Fresenius, Friedberg: Conception of a fully automated preparation system for Large Volume Parenterals. The solid starting materials are dissolved and autosterile stored as concentrated solutions. Mixing is automatically done with recipe-driven controls and the concentrates are then pumped to a preparation vessel where dilution with WFI happens.
  • Chiron Vaccines, Marburg: New department for aseptic filling and freeze drying.
    We undertook the complete process, planning from scratch through to engineering and installation.
Stand: 17. April 2005