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High Potents


Solid Bulk

Due to our considerable experience in the field of non-sterile solids we are in a position to give you rapid and competent advice and draw up conceptual plans at short notice. Our experience ranges from single product lines to complex multi product facilities. Some examples we would like to mention here are:

Solid Bulk Projects

  • Rottendorf Pharma, Ennigerloh : New building of the coating department with classical sugar coating and film coating technology. This was a project we undertook that had a special focus on the automated application of the sugar coating solutions via customised automated control systems.
  • Merck, Darmstadt: New building PH 80 for solid production. Using computer simulation we undertook a feasibility study to show the potential profitability of the project. The simulation detailed the complex operation procedures and analysed them. You will find a fuller illustration of this approach in an article published in Pharmaceutical Engineering 
  • Astra Zeneca, Planckstadt: New building for High Potent Solids. The project involved engineering complex equipment used for handling High Potency Materials under occupational health and safety guidelines. Isolator barrier technology and special docking stations were installed.


Stand: 17. April 2005