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Engineering / Plant Layout

Planning pharmaceutical facilities or factories of necessity involves integrating complex technical and economical issues. Intended investment, profitability, product safety or the use of existing buildings are only some of the common areas the planner has to take into account to achieve a successful outcome.

SOP covers all phases of a project, starting with conceptual and feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering, through to assistance in placing orders. Naturally, it is understood that we support installation start up as part of the service we offer to our customers.

Our experience with qualification procedures helps you to minimise efforts in this field. Design Qualification, Risk Analysis, IQ and OQ are handled in parallel to the proceeding engineering activities. This means you can be sure of detailed planning execution, without disruption and loss.

Conversely, if you wish us to cover only certain phases of the planning process, we are the right partner for you. When providing conceptual planning and studies we work with you on your special approach. Using computer simulation we are able to scrutinise and optimise conceptually the available projects that you wish us to work on.


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