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Concepts / Studies

Conceptual plans and studies are of particular importance for investors before making decisions. In concepts the feasibility of the ideas are checked and solutions to the challenge is proposed. The depth of the analysis depends on the needs of the investor. Generally the concept includes a layout, basic logistical findings, identification of the required equipment and the technical backup systems. The layout shows the intended production area with the required areas for machines, the Clean Room zones, required lockers and pressure cascading, personnel and material flow and if needed possible future extension of facilities.

If there are discussions with experts from the investor’s side, the results will be included in the concept. Depending on the problem, flow diagrams or production schedules will also be part of the finished document. A management summary, cost estimate and project schedule complete the conceptual plan and provide an insight into the future project.

Studies do generally deepen important aspects of concepts. Good examples are studies regarding logistics. All related aspects are examined and documented. Here questions regarding logistical linking to warehouses, material supplies, choice of transportation devices, their reuse  after cleaning and perhaps sterilisation cycles, the effects of pooling batches to campaigns or of different shift models on the intermediate stores. It aids understanding if the ideas can be illustrated as flow schemes or diagrams. The resulting documents help facilitate a more effective discussion within the project team.

Stand: 17. April 2005