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Company Organisation

The requirements regarding plant design and process planning do not comprise only an optimisation of the technical an logistic procedures but more an more the whole company organisation. The objective is the most economical future plant.

The examinations of e.g. different shift models or organisational decisions on the production costs are complex and require besides experience and systematic approach adequate instruments for these kind of questions. Computer simulation is doubtless the tool for profitabillity questions and optimised company organisations.

Here you find two examples for aplliance of these technique.

  • AWD, Dresden: Optimisation of the working shift model of solid bulk production and packaging.
    The complete factory was simulated and the very complexe effects on production capacity, warehouse stock and production costs were analysed and evaluated. The adaption of the shift working model with a remarkable reduction of working time allowed important cost savings.

  •  Merck, Darmstadt: Simulation Study for location decision.
    The decision of the board regarding the new solid bulk production was significantly assisted by a computer simulation. The future facility was examined with scenarions whose results were directly expressed as production costs. Thru optimisation of the entire project it was possible to achieve the required production costs level that makes the dicision for Darmstadt possible.