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Blood Fractionation Plants are capital intensive investments that need to be integrated in a well planned companies environment to work as profitable as possible.

The here presented study investigated the most important parameters for economic success. Therefore differend models were built and compared.

The shown looked into the volume and number of necessary reactors for a certain yearly output. One premise was a 6-day working model. The plant was stopped at weekends.
This seem to be not very economic, but saves a lot on external companies functions like warehousing or energy supply. Both were not prepared to work on Sundays.

Furthermore the following questions could be answered: 

  • Which reactors for what process step need to be there twice?
  • How much manpower is required?
  • How many separators are needed?
  • How many separator drums need to be bought?

The results were compared with other model, e.g. 7-day working models.

The most important advantages of simulation technology are:

  • Dynamic interdependencies can be directly seen and analysed in a very short amount of time.
  • Statistical evaluations for example, for annual production, are achievable within minutes.
  • A direct link to calculation software enables the immediate calculation of production costs.
  • The results from different extended profitability studies, cash flow and amortisation time frames give a previously unreachable expressiveness.