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Solid Bulk Production

Simulation technology allows the ´pain-free´ possibility to carry out test on factories whilst in operational service. The user can, for example, ascertain the optimum batch size for a planned product portfolio or check the impact of different working time models on production costs. The achievement of optimal machine capacity - the single most important purpose in the early stages of simulation technology - occur nearly automatically.

Interesting aspects can be achieved from the tests on cycle times. In most cases only minor alterations of production organisation are required to shorten them substantially. In the video below , the cycle times for each batch over a one year period are recorded in the histogram at the bottom right. With this, it is possible to considerably reduce the cycle time of very slow, uneconomical batches (in this case with a cycle time of ten ore more work days - right hand side of the histogram). It is, therefore, possible, for example in the case of new investments, to reduce unnecessary intermediate storage places and the there tied up capital.


The most important advantages of simulation technology are:

  • Dynamic interdependencies can be directly seen and analysed in a very short amount of time.
  • Statistical evaluations for example, for annual production, are achievable within minutes.
  • A direct link to calculation software enables the immediate calculation of production costs.
  • The results from different extended profitability studies, cash flow and amortisation time frames give a previously unreachable expressiveness.