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Packaging Department

Packaging departments are normally set up for very complex product portfolios. The total number of packaging versions can comprise of anything from 500 to 1000, sometimes 3000 presentations. Modern packing machines have sufficient capacity and the main problem is not the packaging process itself but the lost time from changing from one product to another. A further problem exists with the accumulation of lost time due to breakdowns of the highly complex links between the different stations within the packaging lines.

Simulation technology makes it possible to create the optimal conditions for packaging departments. With the inclusion of the whole supply chain, scenarios of an e.g. optimised pooling of packing orders are formulated. In order to keep the impact of lost time to a minimum, optimum batch sizes are suggested on which the highly integrated machinery will run economically. Smaller batches or C - products are logically produced on smaller, less automated machinery.

Naturally for each line other parameters are calculated, varied and optimised. Shift times and models, necessity and numbers of stand-ins or the integration of technical and production personnel are included in this.

The most important advantages of simulation technology are:

  • Dynamic interdependencies can be directly seen and analysed in a very short amount of time.
  • Statistical evaluations for example, for annual production, are achievable within minutes.
  • A direct link to calculation software enables the immediate calculation of production costs.
  • The results from different extended profitability studies, cash flow and amortisation time frames give a previously unreachable expressiveness.