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Computer simulation is a key technology for effective planning. The computer simulation enables the comparison of different planning options in a very short time. Simulation has the ability to picture the results of such comparisons very clearly and easy to understand. This might be done by graphical load profiles of machines, plants or stuff or even a complete calculation of production costs of virtual factories.

Unfortunately there is also a downside. Generating a computer simulation costs firstly time and money.

Consequently the simulation is not the right tool for all questions and every project scale. Surely it is for projects with investments in the double-digit million range and for complex operating schedules like in solid bulk productions or packaging departments.

Considerable advantages of computer simulation are:

  • Dynamic coherences can be observed in time lapse und thus much easierer be analysed. Example: Utilisation of an intermediate store.
  • Statistical evaluation of e.g. one production year are generated within minutes. They cover usage of stores, machines, plants, employees, conveyors and so forth.
  • Linkage with spreadsheets software enables the immediate calculation of production costs of the examined scenario.
  • Detailed analysis of profitability, cash flow or amortisation give the results so yet unmatched expressiveness.

Not to mix up with computer simulation is computer aided visualisation. Visualisation helps the understanding of planning data by generating 3D models and enable walkthroughs. The shown example is a few years old - modern walkthroughs can be done with shutter glasses in real 3D.

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